Necessary documents:
1) Identity document - identity card or international passport;
2) Valid driver's license.

Tenant requirements:
1) minimum age of 21 years;
2) driving experience of 2 years.

Rental rates
Tariffs, when renting a car without a driver, include "Civil Liability" insurance, local tolls, road toll payment - vignette, car support, VAT 20%. When renting a car for a long period, there are discounts in the tariffs.

All car rental prices are final - you are not obligated to make any other payments and payments.

Tariff prices do not include: cost of fuel, paid parking, fines.

Car rental terms:
The beginning of the lease is calculated from the moment the contract is signed and the act of acceptance-handover of the car.
The rate per day is charged based on the transfer of the vehicle to the client for 24 hours. If the rent extension was not agreed in advance and the Renter delayed the return of the car for more than 2 hours, the rental fee is charged for the next day in full.

Payment of the car rental:
All rental prices listed on this site are in euros and include VAT 20%.
Payment is made in advance for the entire term stipulated in the car rental contract in cash, credit cards, bank transfer, ePay system, PayPal.

Insurance deposit:
The amount of the security deposit at the time of rental depends on the model of the rented car. If all conditions of the contract are fulfilled, the security deposit is returned to the Tenant immediately after returning the car.

All cars are insured on the basis of mandatory and voluntary civil liability insurance of the car owner.
Для опечении опебении опебении относители оренды контакты, the client pays a security deposit, which is returned when the conditions of the оренды are met.
In case of violation of insurance conditions, including failure to provide the relevant reports on the road accident, the Tenant bears full material responsibility for the damage caused, not limited to the amount of the deposit.

Insurance is not valid in the following cases:
1) when driving a rental car after consuming alcohol or drugs;
2) The lessee has provided another person, not included in the rental agreement, to drive the car;
3) Tenant intentionally caused damage to the vehicle or its accessories and interior elements.

In the event of any accident: traffic accident, car damage, injury, material damage or robbery, the LESSEE, REGARDLESS OF THE BLAME FOR THE INCIDENT, SHOULD CALL THE POLICE and immediately inform the lessor about the incident (no later than 24 hours from the time of the incident). Otherwise, the Tenant is fully responsible for what happened.

In the case of loss or theft of the Tenant's car documents, keys, license plate number, damage to the vehicle, the amount of compensation for the damage is deducted from the Tenant's security deposit.